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Published 03/26/2017

For the past seven years, Willie Nelson’s song about life on tour – "On The Road Again", has been our anthem...

“Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway
We're the best of friends
Insisting that the world keep turning our way
And our way
is on the road again.”

Sara, husband Michael (me) and second son Chance the rescued Pitbull, are ‘the best of friends’ and for 20-someodd weeks per year we have been traversing the country; from Delaware to Denver, from Raleigh to Richmond, from St. Louis to Springfield and from Oklahoma City to Orlando. We’ve driven truck and trailer…going to the dogs… all-breed dog shows that is.

Life on the road’s been very busy and fun; while at the same time grueling and rewarding. Our 29,000+ miles in 2016 saw a new truck…new trailer…30-something hotels, a texting-teen smashing into us…countless Whoppers and many, many great dogs and their people. It’s been an intoxicating blend of enjoyment and effort…a lot of effort.

The odyssey: A quaint storefront – Barefoot Boutique, in our home’s front room on Main Street in New Market, MD was the first leg of our small business owners’ odyssey. While fun and profitable the first few years, after 2009 the Town’s anchor restaurant closed and most of the specialty shops likewise shut their doors…ours included.

Phase II: Heeding Greeley’s call to “head west” – literally and figuratively, we knew we had to go to the people, rather than wait and hope for them to find us. Starting small at craft shows, pet expos, festivals, and dog breed specialty shows, we trekked around the east coast towing tent and textiles.

Our current situation: As Sara met more beautiful dogs, she refined her art to reflect the essence of the breeds while maintaining her happy artistry. She is also prolific and indefatigable – drawing new breeds and new enchanting themes seemingly every month. Dog lovers drool over her lively renderings of their precious pups and we’ve been travelling the country selling at all-breed conformation shows ever since.

Soon, our new song of choice will be Simon & Garfunkel’s "Homeward Bound".

While we’ll certainly miss our canine and human friends at the shows…on Sunday April 23rd, we drove home to Delaware and begin the third leg of our Sara England Designs adventure. The Ruff Life will be our new, stationary life – hopefully for a while. Tucked into a beautiful courtyard on Baltimore Avenue in Rehoboth Beach, DE, our beach boutique will feature all of Sara’s whimsical art on many fun and unique products.

Dogs enjoying the beach, drinking wine, camping and being treated to a Spa Day are just some of Sara’s happy themes produced on matted prints, sandstone coasters and custom tee-shirts…among just some of our cool offerings. “Our goal is to build the Ruff Life and still travel to select dog shows each year. We would otherwise miss that experience…and hopefully we’ll be missed”, quips Sara.

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By: Ally D 05/12/2017

Good luck on this third leg of your journey!! I look forward to seeing your new shop and buying out the whole store!