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Please Welcome Our Newest Family Member

Sara's created more special art - this time...the Glen of Imaal Terrier!

Published on 11/07/18 Read Article
National Seafood Month!

October Shellebrates the Succulent Sweets from the Sea

Published on 10/10/18 Read Article
Summer Fun @ The Ruff Life

Thanks for a great second Summer!

Published on 09/04/18 Read Article
Memorial Day

Thanking those who made the ultimate sacrifice...and dogs too.

Published on 05/25/18 Read Article
May Is National Pet Month

Fabulous Four-Legged Furry Friends Forever!

Published on 05/01/18 Read Article
Grander Re-Opening!!

The Ruff Life's Movin' On Up.

Published on 03/28/18 Read Article
Custom Keepsakes

The fun & heartwarming process of creating custom art...

Published on 03/14/18 Read Article
Winter Wonder

Dogs Don't Hibernate - Neither Do We!!

Published on 02/21/18 Read Article
Holiday Cheer @ The Ruff Life!

I'm Ready For My Close-Up

Published on 12/07/17 Read Article
How It All Began...DOGS 'WINEing'

My Dog Made Me Do It...The origin of my designs.

Published on 07/30/17 Read Article
My Heavens, It's Hot!

Dog Days Of Summer...the real origin of the phrase.

Published on 07/12/17 Read Article
Paw-ing It Forward

In the short time we've been here in Rehoboth, we have met the most amazing and caring people who support one-another and are committed to improving the lives of dogs and cats.

Published on 06/22/17 Read Article