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Published 03/14/2018

I love animals...mostly dogs! I began drawing my fun, happy dog breed art depicting most of the recognized pure breeds – from Affenpinscher - to - other dogs – like mutts, Pit Bulls, ‘Poos’ & ‘Doodles’, in lighthearted settings. While folks love the standard breeds – we know that not all Rottweilers…or Great Danes…or Poodles look alike.

So…I’m now doing a lot of custom pieces. It’s very heartwarming and rewarding to create these memorable keepsakes. The process is fun and simple. I draw from photos you provide, or – if you meet me at the shop, we will do a doggie photo shoot!

Then, we pick a whimsical theme(s) for the piece(s)… and then select the products that will feature the art. The beautiful thing is, I save the finished works and we can come back later and create more keepsakes.

Take a look at Harper…he’s so cute…this is his photo shoot to custom pieces process…