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Published 07/30/2017

After lo these MANY years, my art has taken quite a journey. After graduating 'a few years ago' from the University of Maryland with a degree in Graphic Design I had a choice to make...go into advertising design or the garment industry. I chose tee shirts and I'm so happy I did!

Always on the lookout for artisitc design inspriation, I never thought about a 'canine consultation'. Little did I know that Sara England Designs, as we know it today, would be innovated by my dog. Sami the Boxer was a piece of work. She was half-crazy and all obnoxious.

Here's how it happened: After creating a line of tee shirts featuring a black lab in various settings, I was asked by a friend to draw a Golden Retriever with a Martini. That design became my 'Party Animals' theme which proliferated to many other breeds. 

Sami, in her adorable, sweet, annoying way tended to whine...all the time. Most dogs do it when they want something...'let me outside'...'water'...'feed me'...but Sami - she just laid there whining. Then it hit me. I've done dogs with cocktails...I love about dogs & wine...DOGS WINEing...thanks, Sami! That's become my signature design and my most popular theme...all thanks to my dog...she was smarter than I thought.