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Published 09/04/2018

While Summer's not officially that Labor Day has come and gone, the bevy of beach-goers has turned to a trickle of tourists. We enjoyed a very busy and successful Summer season thanks to all of the wonderful pet lovers and surf-seekers who found their way to The Ruff Life.

For the second straight year, we thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of the dogs and their people. Sara often says that it's the smiles on folks' faces that give her the most gratification....when she captures the personality and the essence of a pet and can bring joy to people through her art.

Now that Fall is approaching, our hours will be shortened - but we're still open every day (except some Wednesdays) and there is still a lot to do in Rehoboth Beach and the surrounding area. Please stop in and see us when you're here for Bear Weekend or Sea Witch or any other time!

Thank you for making our Summer a special season and we look forward to Fall and the fast approaching Holiday Season to bring more joy and smiles.