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Sara's artistic inspiration comes from observing the special bond between dogs and their people. It's this relationship that serves as the backdrop for Sara’s fun and happy dog breed art. Mingling her funny, laid-back style with the essence and spirit of the dogs, Sara creates art of liveliness and authenticity.

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5 O'clock In The Ring

Conformation Celebration


All Paws On Deck

My Anchor


Barn Hunt

This Dog Smells A Rat


Beach Boyz

Dogs Get Vacations Too


Beach Day

Dogs Get Vacations Too



Three Cheers for Dogs & Beers!


Dogs WINEing

Dogs Love to 'WINE'





Good Dog - Bed



Good Dog - Pheasant

Beautiful Bird Dog


Happy Tails

Dog & Horse...Best Buddies


Lake Dogs

Canines and Their Canoe


Man's Best Friends

A Warm Heart and a Cold Beer


No Worries

I'm a Dog...What, Me Worry!?



Living the Ruff Life


Party Animals

Paws to Party



Proud to be American Dog


Paws for Claws

Canine Crabfeast


Paws for Claws

Canine Clambake


Reel Best Friend

Fishing Buddy


Ruff Riders

Doggies Born to be Wild


Ruffin' It

Canine Camping Cookout


Spa Day

Splish-Splash...My Dog's Takin' a Bath


Starry Night

Beautiful Dogs...Gorgeous Sky



Paws for Sand & Surf


Tiki Time

Dogs with an Island Attitude


Winter Wonter

Stealing the Mitten...or Giving it Back?


Woman's Best Friends

So True